Ace of Spades-Terrible foot soldier, deadly assassin.
Duece of Diamonds-Newest Recruit. Has a penchant for knives.
Three of Clubs-Claymore wielding swordsman
Four of Hearts-Magician, weather magic
Five of Clubs-Throws things. He’s not complicated
Six of Diamonds-Gambit powers maybe?
Seven of Hearts-TBA
Eight of Spades-Magician, Illusionist
Nine of Clubs-Some kind of brawler. Wrestling, martial arts, something like that.
Ten of Spades-Power Dampener, fights with a bow
Prince of Diamonds-Androgynous, name is “Jackie,” fragile speedster. Taste for decadence.
Queen of Hearts-Ranged fighter, male and very sensitive about his rank. Don’t make fun of him.
King of Clubs-Brutal beatdown fighter, strongest member of the organization. Literally.


A group of men and women running a respect-based organization. Your suit is assigned on entry, based somewhat on your style. Those of Clubs tend to be more brutal direct fighters. Diamonds tend to be very flashy. Hearts tend to prefer their wiles over their strength, and Spades are usually pretty unique. The number indicates Rank. All new recruits start at Duece, Ace being a special case, and improve their rank by proving themselves better than the superior, whether through direct confrontations, or by succeeding where the others failed. 2-9 are almost constantly in flux, 7-9 being the most likely to meet an “unfortunate accident” due to desirable positions. 10 is actually somewhat stable, though not fully, and the Royal Court hasn’t changed in a long time, being the original founders of the group. Ace is an anomaly, a rubbish soldier, hence his low rank, but deadly in the right circumstances, even able to best King if given the right opportunity.


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